International Air Charter in Iraq deal


INTERNATIONAL Air Charter (IAC) has signed an agreement with Iraq government officials to operate in sensitive areas. Air charter brokers are a better option to operators in emergencies, say charter specialists.

IAC, one of the world’s largest independent aircraft charter brokers, said it is witnessing an increasing demand among sensitive areas and difficult-to-reach areas, where scheduled airlines have limited or no access. IAC is currently working with government officials in sensitive areas in Iraq. The company has also signed an agreement with a Dubai-based emergency service provider catering to the oil and petroleum industry, to provide evacuation services in cases of crises.
IAC business development director Elie Abdo stated: “Air charter services fulfill a very real and immediate need, that of emergency service provider that are available at any time. This is a dearth of such services in the Middle East as compared to the Western world. Crisis situations can occur anywhere in the world and at any time, be it medical emergencies, political turmoil or natural disasters. In such cases, charter air services can provide an immediate and reliable solution.”
During the recent summer months, the operator received several queries from Dubai-based clients seeking to travel from the UK to other destinations in Europe. In such cases, instead of summoning an aircraft from Dubai and charging the client for the empty journey from Dubai and back, IAC sourced the aircraft directly from a European operator, said Abdo.