MENA Awards entries open


ENTRIES to 2005's MENA Awards: The Spirit of Hospitality Awards are now open. Companies that have been in operation for the past 12 months or more are eligible to apply.

This annual event celebrates the skills, creativity, ingenuity and triumph of the Middle East and North Africa’s growing travel industry, while honouring the successful entrants in each of the industry categories; and those who are considered to be the best in their specific sector.
The MENA Travel Awards 2005 “The Spirit of Hospitality Awards” will be presented in recognition of top industry organisations that have shown the extra mile success in the Middle East & North Africa’s growing travel industry. It is a real opportunity for travel trade professionals to receive meaningful recognition from guests, customers in the regional / international travel hospitality industry.
“There is a need to recognise the significant contributions of the travel, tourism and hospitality industry”, said Dr Sam Saker, president, Consultants of Hospitality Administrators (CHA), which organises the event, and RVP of Renard International, “We would like to change the widely held perception or stereo type that the five-star hotels in Middle East are equivalent, in service and product quality, to the four-star hotels in Europe and North America.
“We have better products and services in the region and we are out to prove it.” He added that hotels, airlines, car rental and associated companies are being encouraged to work together towards enhancing the service in the region.
The 2005 event estimates between 25,000 and 35,000 votes from the industry’s end users / guests in the coming year’s race for excellence.
More details are available at the website