Al Habtoor group focuses on Lebanon

Habtoor City … landmark project

KHALAF Al Habtoor, owner and chairman of Dubai-based Al Habtoor group, is extending his businesses to become the pioneer in developing new, creative theme projects in Lebanon, with approximately total investments of $400 million.

Looking to the future and due to Al Habtoor’s faith in Lebanon, his aims are to enhance Sin El Fil area, provided employment opportunities to locals and stimulate economic growth. After the big success of the Metropolitan Palace Hotel, Beirut, Al Habtoor Group decided to extend its businesses by developing the second unique project, Habtoor Grand Hotel Convention Centre & Spa. The Habtoor Grand Hotel Convention Centre & Spa will be linked by a bridge to the Metropolitan Palace Hotel, creating “Habtoor City”.  But that’s not all. Al Habtoor properties is also set to open the country’s first unique theme park, Habtoorland, which will provide quality entertainment for all ages.