GF Holidays offers new destinations

Take Gulf Air to the Gold Coast

GULF Air Holidays is offering GCC and Middle East travellers a comprehensive holiday programmes.

An official said the airline offers an expansive range of destinations to the world’s most exciting cities, exotic getaways and popular resorts in the Middle East, Europe, Asia and Australia. This year’s
most popular “Experience” destinations include the Gold Coast of Australia, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand.
Gulf Air Holidays features more than 400 hotels and apartments in 33 countries and over 70 destinations around the world. In addition, to offering packages to destinations within its network, Gulf Air also has packages to destinations where partner airlines offer connecting flights.
Said Mark Senior, manager destination and leisure marketing at Gulf Air, “We believe this series of Experience programmes offers customers even more choice and has something for everyone.”
Gulf Air Holidays has six ‘Experience’ brochures that provide details on destinations, including country and hotel information. The European, Asian, Arabian, Australian, India and Golf Experience brochures are available from travel agents and Gulf Air offices.
While the Asia package features popular destinations like Hong Kong, Bangkok, Singapore, Nepal and China, the Arabian Experience packages cover a broad geographical scope from the Gulf States, the Levant, North Africa and, for the first time, Iran. Similar holidays are available for Europe, offering everything from the countryside and cities to mountains and seas.