Air Arabia’s cabin crew are key to onboard success

Air Arabia team ...

AIR Arabia, the first low-cost airline of its kind in the Middle East and North Africa region, strives to constantly add value to the customer experience – from the booking stage to check-in and to the actual flight itself.

Key to this experience are some of the faces behind Air Arabia’s success: their cabin crew.
The airline’s cabin crew division is headed by cabin crew manager, Abdul Raoof Meer, who has more than 17 years experience in providing safety and survival standards for regional airlines. “It’s all about safety and service,” says Raoof. “I believe that these elements go hand in hand to ensure a satisfactory customer experience.” He added, “Air Arabia’s main focus is to make air travel more convenient and frequent while offering the lowest fares in the market, however, this does not mean that we sacrifice on quality, service and safety standards.”
Air Arabia’s cabin crew consist of 29 nationalities and speak 35 different languages, while their aviation experience ranges from three to five years with some of the region’s leading carriers. As part of their training when joining Air Arabia, cabin crew go through rigorous testing exercises, real life flight simulations and first aid training to name but a few – all in accordance with General Civil Aviation Authority requirements.
“We are constantly looking at ways of enhancing existing standards of quality and service to offer the customer a continued and improved flight experience,” said Adel Ali, CEO, Air Arabia. He added, “We ensure that the already stringent international safety standards practiced within Air Arabia evolve within the industry’s ever changing requirements.”
The Air Arabia onboard experience is a different one to other regional airlines. As a low-cost carrier and to pass back savings to their passengers, Air Arabia offers a purchase-based onboard catering service offering a menu with a variety of food and beverages at affordable prices. The passenger has the flexibility to eat and drink at their own convenience – selecting from the comprehensive menu of cold sandwiches, soups and drinks.
Concluded Raoof, “Air Arabia’s on-board flight experience will only get better – a few months ago we introduced our in-flight Duty Free shopping service that carries a selection of luxury items and today we introduce our new cabin crew uniform – continuous improvements from a dynamic and innovative airline.”