Ras Al Khaimah 'talking cave' pulls crowds


Hordes of people flocked to a mountain in the UAE which has a cave from which strange voices are said to emanate.

The Al Jeer mountain in the emirate of Ras Al Khaimah became a hot tourist spot as thousands gathered at its foot to try to hear the 'voices' that emanate from a cave there, a local newspaper reported.

However, no-one has been able say whether the sounds are human, bird or beast, it said.

The phenomena attracted British animal experts to the site last week but they failed to hear any voices, or solve the mystery, as the area was overcrowded, the report said.

Mohammed Saleh, the Amir of Al Jeer, said that local residents have been aware of the voices, but did not know their source.He said he had asked the Department of Ruins and Archaeology to visit the mountain and investigate the cave.