HBX Group launches investment vehicle


HBX Group, a leading player of the TravelTech B2B ecosystem, launched an investment fund dedicated to financing startups and scaleups developing innovative technological solutions in the travel sector, as well as investing in corporate venture capital funds in the travel sector.

This investment fund is built on the success of TravelTech Lab, by HBX Group, created in 2023 to support and collaborate with startups and scaleup businesses in the travel tech industry, fostering a community dedicated to introducing groundbreaking solutions and facilitating their application in real business scenarios.

With the creation of this investment vehicle, TravelTech Lab by HBX Group, will further the company’s mission of contributing to technological innovation in the travel sector. The fund will have an initial dedication of 50 million euros in capital to invest in the next 10 years. The specific investment in each selected startup will be defined on a case-by-case basis, ensuring that the most promising technologies receive the support they need to thrive.