Sharjah to promote heritage at ATM

Noman ... upbeat

HE emirate of Sharjah will be positioned as the most distinguished destination for culture and heritage tourism in the region at the upcoming ATM, according to the Sharjah Commerce and Tourism Development Authority (SCTDA).

The authority has participated in the ATM for the past six years and this year’s participation justifies the means of SCTDA in promoting the Emirate of Sharjah at various levels. It is the joint efforts of all players in the tourism sector which make it happen. The promotion process, as the authority sees it, is not limited to one party.
“With 230 sq m stand space, we are focusing on a different aspect of Sharjah heritage and culture. The Central Souq (Blue Souq)
is one of the most distinguished landmarks of Sharjah and is a representative of its culture and heritage. We are keen on showing the uniqueness of Sharjah in being the most distinguished destination for culture and heritage tourism,” said Mohammed A Al Noman, director of SCTDA. “The world tourism sector is going through serious changes, which make it necessary for us to develop new strategies and come up with new concepts to keep on with the rapid movement of the market. We have to use all the means possible to serve our goals.”
Establishing the Tourism Advisory Committee in 2001 reflects the emirate’s commitment to work closely together with major players in the tourism industry of Sharjah, he says. “As we are serving the same goals, future development of the tourism industry is a big concern for all of us. Participating in ATM 2004, comes as another step for the Tourism Advisory Committee in establishing continuous interaction with the biggest travel and tourism event in the region.”
Sharjah, which is famous among the other emirates and generally in the Gulf region with its cultural and edutainment tourist attractions, has gained significant popularity among tourists in the past two years.