Meridien Kuwait boosts facilities


With the recent launch of another innovative business service, Le Meridien Kuwait has reinforced its position as a keen promoter of up-to-the-minute communications technology.

In conjunction with Kuwait-based Future Communication, a terminal is being installed in the hotel reception, enabling guests and visitors to purchase pre-paid cards to recharge their mobiles without having to make a special trip to a traditional outlet.
According to Hannes Yaghi, general manager of Le Meridien hotels in Kuwait, the latest facility is further example of the hotel’s dedication to serve business travellers.
He said: “We all know the frustration when a mobile runs out during a critical phone call, and in this age of high-speed communications we are dedicated to ensuring our guests receive every assistance with all aspects of technology.”
Le Meridien Kuwait was the first hotel in the state to install wireless IT, enabling hotel visitors to connect to the Internet on their PCs or other handheld devices, without the need for sockets, plug-ins or wires and physical connections.
This ‘hotspot’ technology enables executives to do away with the need to carry around the paraphernalia of technology but ensure they can hook up to surf the web at the press of a key and its debut at Le Meridien Kuwait has been welcomed by the business travellers, said Yaghi.
Le Meridien, which has a joint venture with  A’amal holding company to open five new hotels and a conference centre in Kuwait, has committed to introducing the latest technology in all areas of its hotels  – from rooms and restaurants to public areas too.
“With Le Meridien Tower Kuwait opening shortly and the opening of the third property Le Meridien Moubarakia in 2005, we will also ensure the wireless technology becomes a feature to enable executives to keep in contact with their principals, either in the Gulf region or overseas.”