Kuwait Hilton Resort spa can blow hot and cold

The spa at the Hilton Kuwait

The Hilton Kuwait Resort spa has been described as a Mediterranean oasis with an ambience of reassurance, peace and tranquillity but in truth, it is all that and more, according to the hotel.

‘‘For those interested in escaping from the real world for an hour, an afternoon or an entire day, the rest and relaxation of the aquamedic pool, the sauna and Turkish bath offer the perfect solution,’’ says a hotel spokesman. ‘‘The other extreme takes guests to Cloud Nine, for an aggressive day of head-to-toe coddling.  Named for the nine sensational treatments incorporated in the package, Cloud Nine starts with a floral hydrotherapy bath and ends with a scalp and face massage and includes deluxe pampering all day.’’
He continues: ‘‘In between the two extremes are a host of special spa treatments and packages.  Items can be selected from the menu and enjoyed either individually or as part of a custom day at the spa.  Therapies available include reflexology, detox treatments and aromatherapy baths.  Moisturising milk baths, purifying mud baths and five different types of massages are some of the other beneficial services on hand in the spa.’’
‘‘The tradition and benefits of a spa therapy date back centuries. At the Hilton Kuwait Resort, guests can enjoy a modern approach to these age-old services and emerge rested and rejuvenated and better equipped to face the day,’’ he adds.