Excellence and Innovation: Discover Juffali Commercial Vehicles (Special Vehicles)


Renowned in the automotive realm, Juffali Special Commercial Vehicles is a name that resonates with excellence. It epitomizes sophisticated designs, with its Vehicles division (JSV) leading the charge.
This division stands at the forefront of innovation, crafting various vehicles encompassing vans and buses. These vehicles boast a harmonious fusion of commercial utility and entertainment features, meticulously designed to cater to diverse customer needs. JSV places paramount importance on customer satisfaction, priding itself on not only meeting but exceeding customer expectations, ensuring each ride is a delightful escapade.

“Our mission is to transform your transportation dreams into reality. Our modifications are not mere adaptations but rather transcendent experiences. With our dedicated consultants and their unmatched expertise, we’ve etched our name as pioneers in the art of vehicle customization,” says Heiko Schulze, CEO of Juffali Commercial Vehicles.


What JSV Offers

JSV is dedicated to offering a diverse range of vehicles to suit the specific needs of its clients. In its VIP Vehicles category, it provides premium travel experiences through small and large vans, as well as buses, catering to individuals and groups valuing both comfort and style on their journeys. Conversely, its Family Vehicles selection is tailored for families, featuring Motorhomes, Camper vans, Special Needs vehicles, and Small Family cars.

These vehicles prioritise safety and comfort, ensuring worry-free family adventures. Whether traveling alone or with loved ones, JSV’s comprehensive fleet offers something for everyone, with a primary focus on customer satisfaction and safety.

“With a rich history of delivering top-tier vehicles, we take pride in upholding the trust and confidence placed in us by renowned global brands. Juffali Special Vehicles specialises in luxury Mercedes-Benz vehicles, backed by over 70 years of industry knowledge, and is committed to providing exceptional customer service, earning the trust of our valued clients,” he says.


Customize Your Experience

The company’s team of seasoned sales consultants, armed with extensive industry insights, offers tailor-made solutions that resonate with each client’s needs. Whether for purchase or rental, the team’s dedication to tailoring vehicles to meet specific needs shines through. With their dedication to personalized service and unwavering focus on quality, JSV beckons you to embark on a journey where each ride embodies luxury, comfort, and the finesse of bespoke customization.


Sales and Rentals at JSV

The team at Juffali Commercial Vehicles is dedicated to ensuring that your experience with them is hassle-free when purchasing or renting vehicles. They understand the importance of having a reliable and efficient means of transportation, which is why they offer a straightforward online contact form for ordering a particular vehicle at your convenience. With their commitment to providing excellent service, you can trust that they will make the rental process effortless.

At Juffali Commercial Vehicles, the aim is to become the premier supplier of special vehicles and buses in the Saudi market. Operations span the Central, Eastern, and Western Regions of Saudi Arabia, with a dedication to delivering utmost value and quality to customers. Ensuring customer satisfaction is their foremost priority, with a team committed to providing the highest level of customer care.

With distribution and service centers strategically located throughout the Kingdom, they are always ready to respond promptly to any arising issues and provide customers with optimal solutions. They take pride in their brand’s customer-centric values and are honoured to be a trusted distribution partner with a robust service network.