Travel tomes


Title: Dead Reckoning: Great Adventure Writing from the Golden Age of Exploration, 1800-1900

Author(s): various
Pages: 416
Publisher: W W Norton & Company

Whybrow shows up today’s “extreme” adventurers in this hefty collection of 19th-century narratives. Before corporate sponsorship, before helicopter rescues, even before Sir Ernest Shackleton’s famous voyage, people who explored the wilderness found endless wonder and danger. “Risk,” Whybrow observes, “hardly had to be sought; it was part of the package.” The years between 1800 and 1900 were unmatched for sheer exploratory guts and glory as exhibited by Europeans of a certain gender and race; this was the century when men were men, women were women and people of color were “the blacks.” Each one of these 32 captivating narratives packs a big emotional punch, whether it’s a horrifying tale of starvation and injury or an awestruck description of natural wonders. Voyages of Discovery highlights sponsored quests for worldly knowledge: Meriwether Lewis runs from a bear on the Missouri River, and John Wesley Powell runs the Grand Canyon’s rapids. In Personal Odysseys, Richard Henry Dana, Jr’s well-known sea journey and Alfred “Mary” Mummery’s proto-feminist alpine expedition join the voyages of other passionate explorers seeking adventure on land and sea. Lifelong Quests features excerpts from the lives of obsessive explorers such as John Muir, Isabella Bird and Sven Hedin, the Swedish geographer.
Title: The Single Parent Travel Handbook
Author: Brenda Elwell
Pages: 298
Publisher: GlobalBrenda Publishing
The Single Parent Travel Handbook focuses on planning a trip that will be enjoyed by both the children and their parent, whether that occurs in the US or in Zimbabwe. Elwell helps sort out the troubling details of single parent travel, such as dealing with the dreaded Single Supplement, assembling the documents necessary to travel with children in these security-conscious times, and finding travel agents who specialize in single parent travel. There are also dozens of destination ideas, ways of coping with most parental dilemmas, the results of a survey of single parents and stories by single fathers. Endorsed by Parents Without Partners, this is one book no single parent can afford to do without!
Title: Spa Journeys
Author(s): Linda Troeller, Annette Foglino
Pages: 192
Publisher: powerHouse Books
Linda Troeller, an award-winning photographer, has traveled from Beppu, Japan, to Hot Springs, Arkansas over the past 10 years to capture the poetic ecstasy of healing waters. She specialises in what has been described as “photojournalism seen through an artist’s eyes”. The author of Healing Waters and Erotic Lives of Women, Troeller’s work has been praised by The New York Times. Troeller frequently gives lectures and workshops worldwide. She lives in New York City; Annette Foglino, an award-winning journalist, is a former writer and reporter for Life, and has written on social and health issues for Glamour.