Bhutan welcomes regional travellers

A monastery in Bhutan

A small land-locked country in Asia, nestled in the world’s highest peaks, Bhutan is a unique destination where happiness and peace of mind are contagious. The Himalayan Kingdom, also known as ‘The Land of The Thunder Dragon’ is a destination for nature lovers, adventure aficionados, wildlife enthusiasts, culture buffs and those in search of a truly unique and captivating travel experience. Home to many luxury hotels, restaurants and bespoke experiences for travellers of all ages to enjoy, the country also offers a sophisticated escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Located between Tibet (China) and India, Bhutan exudes spirituality; inspiring the Kingdom’s culture and creating a destination that welcomes people of all backgrounds and religions. This warm welcome creates an environment perfect for the Middle Eastern traveller, Muslims and non-Muslims alike. Bhutan offers ease of accessibility for travellers from the region with transfers available from Delhi, Kathmandu and Calcutta – all within approximately a four-hour flight from the UAE and KSA.  Other transfers include via Bangkok, Singapore and Bangladesh on a regular basis.

In September 2022, the Kingdom unveiled a new Tourism Strategy underpinned by transformations in three key areas: enhancements to its sustainable development policies, infrastructure upgrades, and the elevation of the guest experience. This strategy is driven by the Kingdom’s commitment to sustainable practices, with a $200 daily tourist fee contributing to programs that preserve Bhutan’s cultural traditions, as well as sustainability projects, infrastructure upgrades and opportunities for youth. Part of this strategy was also the removal of the Minimum Daily Package Rate (MDPR); a minimum spend per day required by visitors. This tourism strategy gives visitors peace of mind that their expenses are making a positive impact on the environment and protecting it for generations to come.

With 70 per cent of the country forested, Bhutan is the world’s first carbon negative country; reflecting the country’s unique approach to sustainable tourism. A pleasant year-round climate of warm to moderate temperatures with cool, crisp evenings makes Bhutan the perfect destination to visit any time of the year. There isn’t just one Bhutan to discover; there are many. From storied cities, to soaring mountains, the door to the kingdom is open once again to old and new friends.

Accommodation in Bhutan is of a very high standard, with a wide variety of choice available, ranging from home stays through to 3*, 4* and 5* hotels. There are nine different 5* luxury brands operating throughout the country, including Aman, Six Senses, Como, Taj, Le Meridien, Dusit, Bhutan Spirit Sanctuary, Gangtey Lodge and the Bhutanese 5* brand Zhiwaling. There are also excellent 3* and 4* options for travellers on all kinds of budgets.