Travel tomes


Title: River Town : Two Years on the Yangtze

Author: Peter Hessler
Pages: 416
Publisher: Perennial

In 1996, 26-year-old Peter Hessler arrived in Fuling, a town on China’s Yangtze River, to begin a two-year Peace Corps stint as a teacher at the local college. Along with fellow teacher Adam Meier, the two are the first foreigners to be in this part of the Sichuan province for 50 years. Expecting a calm couple of years, Hessler at first does not realize the social, cultural, and personal implications of being thrust into a such radically different society. In River Town: Two Years on the Yangtze, Hessler tells of his experience with the citizens of Fuling, the political and historical climate, and the feel of the city itself.
Hessler’s writing is lovely. His observations are evocative, insightful, and often poignant—and just as often, funny.

Title: Dr. Beach’s Survival Guide: What You Need to Know about Sharks, Rip Currents, and More Before Going in the Water
Author: Stephen P Leatherman
Here, from the nation’s most renowned beach expert, is the first complete guide to beach safety. Stephen P Leatherman (aka Dr Beach) introduces the gamut of beach hazards revealing which dangers should be of greatest concern and how best to minimize their risks. His scientifically sound advice, interspersed with fascinating facts and anecdotes, makes this book a perfect reference for the millions of travelers and vacationers who visit the ocean shore every year.

Title: Travel Can Be Murder : The Business Traveler’s Guide to Personal Safety Author: Terry Riley
Pages: 209
Publisher: Applied Psychology Press
Robbery, rape, kidnapping, murder. What awaits you on your next business trip? Criminals are bolder, more violent, and targeting more business travelers than ever. Unless you take measures to safeguard yourself from criminal violence while on the road, you are a sitting duck!
Organised as a quick read, Travel Can Be Murder will help you understand why business travelers are preferred criminal targets, what criminals look for when selecting their victims, and what you must do to prevent an assault. As a result, you will make smarter and safer choices as you move about.