A perfect Sanctuary

Tranquility at the Sanctuary Spa.

Just a short hop away for Gulf residents by Air Mauritius a totally indulgent experience in spa luxury awaits guests at the Sanctuary Spa.

Situated within The Residence Mauritius, this elegant spa resort has introduced a new range of skin care and spa programmes to complement its existing range.
Inspired by Thai healing and beauty rituals, the Ytsara organic skin care line & spa programmes offer a global and unique approach to age-old Asian holistic practices for use in the modern spa.
Ytsara offers a subtle blend of Western and Eastern healing practices through holistic treatments. During each treatment both the physical body and energy body are treated and re-connected to the cosmic energy, the vital force Prana.

With a strong emphasis on the heritage and the preservation of botanical resources Ytsara hand picks the herbs, roots, flowers and fruits used in the ingredients of this cosmetic line. Plants are either cultivated in their organic farm in Thailand or hand picked in the forest when resources permit it.
The Sanctuary Spa voted as one of the top spas in the world by Cosmopolitan (France) and one of the top 20 by Vogue (Germany) is The Residence resort's centrepiece.  It offers a unique concept for Mauritius, taking its inspiration from Zen philosophy to provide an environment dedicated to treatments for the body and the soul.