The Seagull has landed

The Mövenpick Bahrain and (inset) Reichenbach.

A seagull has landed in Bahrain, and it comes in the shape of the Mِvenpick Bahrain, at Muharraq. Not only is it a mere minute from the airport, it is also the first five-star hotel in Muharraq.

The Mِvenpick may be near the airport, but it does not wish to be referred to as an “airport hotel”. That is a point that PR manager Shama Uchil made no bones about.
“We are a boutique hotel,” she said. “We believe in a small number of rooms, yet giving guests the highest level of service, and all this with a personal, homely touch.”
Walking through a few examples of the Mِvenpick’s 106 rooms, one is struck by the rather satisfying décor. Gone are the days of staid, if not clinical hotel rooms, and in comes the age of art deco, and a sociable mingling of oranges and blues.

The rooms have a sense of warmth, and they certainly exude style. The room that dreams are made of, however, is the Awal Suite. A sprawling epitome of luxury, the highlight of the room is the large terrace where one can meander aimlessly for hours while watching the sun set over the Arabian Sea.
Mِvenpick Bahrain is looking to woo the corporate client. “Bahrain is the financial hub of the Middle East,” said general manager, Frank Reichenbach. “And due to our proximity with the airport we hope to expand our corporate customer base. Offering them convenience along with comfort and luxury.”

The Mِvenpick’s soft opening is slated for January 16. Phase I has been completed and Phase II looks right on track to meet its deadline in mid-2004. Phase II consists of the ballroom and the spa.
The hotel could scarcely have picked a better time to open: 2004 will see Bahrain host the region’s first F1 Grand Prix, and the world is descending upon the island for four days of petrol-filled frenzy.
“We’re almost booked up for the F1,” said Reichenbach. “We’ve got the Sauber Petronas team staying with us as well. I think the event will do wonders for Bahrain tourism.”

The Mِvenpick has four food and beverage outlets: The fine dining experience of Silk’s, featuring a show kitchen and elegant styling; The Flamingo Lounge, which boasts a Buddha Bar sort of setting with a tinge of tradition; The Gallery, which is the lobby lounge and serves continental breakfast, snacks, lunch and refreshments; The Palms Bar and Café is a poolside bars serving light snacks, ice-creams and dessert.
Speaking of ice-creams, Reichenbach is quick to point out Mِvenpick’s rich heritage when it come to F&B. “It all started with a chain of restaurants,” said Reichenbach, referring to the early years of the Mِvenpick empire, when they were also famous for their range of ice-creams.
So it is only natural for one to assume that the latest addition to Bahrain’s burgeoning luxury hotel sector will be feast for the senses in every way.