Website ties up with Explorer

Lewis (left) and Harkin.

The travel website, is now partnering with Explorer Publishing to provide customers the latest information on events in the UAE as well as offering a free copy of the latest edition of Dubai Explorer or Zappy Explorer(Dubai) for every ticket bought online.

The Weekly Explorer can be accessed online through, providing a concise listing of events, promotions, exhibitions, movies and more every week.

“Explorer Publishing is delighted to team up with to provide this spectacular entertainment initiative. We’re hoping this collaboration will prove Weekly Explorer an even bigger hit with customers needing the low down on what to do in Dubai when they arrive,” said Amanda Harkin, PR manager, Explorer Publishing.

Simon Lewis, E-Ventures group manager and manager,, said: “With over 140 locations in the region and a global network of world class travel partners, we not only provide comprehensive travel information but having Explorer Publishing on board also offers our customers information for their entertainment and leisure activities.”