Austria noted for its sustainability

The Austria Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai has won three prestigious awards, including the first prize in sustainable architecture at the Global Architecture & Design Awards 2021, the Jury’s Favorite in Architectural Design – Sustainable & Energy Saving at the Built Design Awards 2021, and the top sustainability honour at the German Design Awards 2022.

“Austria has a long history of sustainable living through responsible utilization of available resources. These awards are a testament to the efforts that every individual has put into creating this captivating pavilion which represents what a resource-efficient, climate-neutral, environment-friendly future may look like. We hope that through this far-reaching platform of Expo 2020 Dubai, the world can see and experience the very best that Austria has to offer,” says Commissioner General of the Austrian pavilion Beatrix Karl.

Operating under the theme of ‘Austria Makes Sense’ and staying true to Expo 2020’s mission of creating a sustainable future for everyone, the central European nation has come up with arguably the most distinct structure. The entire building – which pays homage to the Arab architectural tradition of using cones inspired by wind towers – requires 70 per cent less energy than any conventionally air-conditioned facility in weather conditions similar to those in the UAE.