Metropolitan Park looks to entertain Mideast tourists

An artist's impression of the park.

The Metropolitan Park is a new concept for providing both entertainment and education in a pleasant environment.

The project is being developed on a plot of land located in Haret El Sit near Jamhour, just off Beirut-Damascus Highway.
The total land area is 107,000 sq m and the investment is in excess of $40 million. The project is expected to generate 200 job opportunities.
Construction has started, and the project is to be completed within 13 months. The Park’s main concept, developed by the French-lebanese consulting firm Plan Libre, will provide quality entertainment for all age groups, coupled with an educational objective, will lead one down the paths of history, geography, biology and physics, with plenty of creative attractions, unparalleled in the region, said a spokesperson.
The basic theme emanates from the heart of the Phoenician civilization and heritage, in which both myth and history are blended together. The visitor is escorted back in time, venturing along the Mediterranean coasts, where the Phoenician city states ounce flourished, tracing the foot steps and sea explorations of Hanibal and Elissar from Tyre and Byblos to Carthage, Spain, Cicely, Sardenia and other Phoenician settlements.
A typical Phoenician character is currently being developed to personify the host, whose role is to welcome all Park visitors, and accompany them to the various rides and attractions, reviving old Phoenician tales and regenerating famous Phoenician cities.