New promotion targets Dubai 2003 visitors

Lootah (left) and Belselah

Dubai in the year 2003, is a city on the brink of becoming one of the fast growing commercial and tourist huns in the world.

The strategic initiative aims to create a unique UAE experience for all participants of the Annual Meetings of the Board of Governors of the World Bank Group and International Monetary Fund (IMF), which will take place in Dubai late September.
Details of Forever Dubai were unveiled at a press conference hosted by Ibrahim Belselah, general coordinator of Dubai 2003 and Hussain Ali Lootah, DTCM deputy director general.
Belselah pointed out that more than 14,000 delegates, officials, media personnel and visitors are expected from the 184-member countries of the World Bank Group and the IMF.
“One of our strategic goals at DTCM is to promote Dubai worldwide as a tourism and commerce destination. Where will we ever get this kind of a receptive audience - the majority of whom will be visiting the UAE for the first time? This is a golden opportunity for us as we will be able to promote Dubai to the world in Dubai.
Forever Dubai is a special initiative that will run between September 10 and September 25. Special retail promotions and cultural activities have been arranged - apart from the normal world-famous hospitality with which each guest to Dubai will be treated during that period.
“We have leveraged Dubai’s reputation as the ‘City of Gold to create a citywide sales promotion under which any person who buys goods and services worth a minimum of AED 200 ($54), will be entitled to one chance to win a grand prize of 25 kilos of gold on the night of September 26th,” said Lootah.
The raffle would be available at over 1,000 retail outlets in Dubai.
Lootah explained the rationale behind the Forever Dubai concept saying that: “All Dubai 2003 related visitors are individuals first, and almost any individual visiting a new location, likes to look at interesting places and shop.
“Dubai’s ongoing mission is to create a world-class hub for both business and leisure, and what we hope to achieve is to raise global awareness and appreciation through such initiatives and to encourage investment and tourism flows,” he added.
As well as cultural and entertainment events throughout the city, delegates will be encouraged to explore the emirate and the country.
“I firmly believe that the Forever Dubai initiative will reinforce our promotion of Dubai as a leading business destination and I applaud DTCM for taking the initiative to welcome our delegates and by doing so hopefully create an additional 14,000 ambassadors for this fine city,” said Belselah.
Over 50 hotels, 24 of them specifically for the delegates, have already been booked in Dubai to provide accommodation for official delegates and representatives of the private sector attending Dubai 2003.
Dubai 2003 assistant general coordinator and head of the Accommodation Committee, Ahmed Al Banna said, ”We are anticipating thousands of more bookings especially as the registration for the estimated 2,500-plus media who will attend.