Luck in the air


Thai Airways has launched a tourism promotion campaign called 'Luck is in the Air 20,000 Free Thailand Return Tickets' until September 30, aiming to attract passengers to spend their holidays in exotic Thai destinations.

During this campaign period, a lucky draw will be held for passengers traveling on international inbound flights to Thailand, as well as outbound flights from Thailand and domestic flights.

A total of 20,000 air tickets to be awarded in order to boost passenger traffic to Thailand.

Kanok Abhiradee, Thai's president, said that the airline's campaign was initiated as a recovery plan to encourage increased passenger travel, as the Iraq War ends and the SARS situation continues to improve.

Passengers on international inbound flights will receive entry forms from Thai cabin crew, which cabin crew will collect for the lucky draw conducted during each flight.

One lucky winner will be chosen on each international inbound flight to Bangkok, and the prize will be a return ticket on the same route and class of travel that the winner was traveling. Award tickets won on international inbound flights may be used between April 1 and June 30, 2004.

Winners' names will be posted on Thai's website at