Palm Jebel Ali is all set to become global destination


The Palm has revealed the entire concept for the second of the Palm islands known as The Palm, Jebel Ali. With a considerable number of new elements added to this island, including six marinas, a Sea Village and Water Homes built on stilts, it is set to become a major global destination.

Most outstanding of the new elements are the 1,060 Water Homes built on stilts, which when viewed from above spell out a verse from an Arabic poem written by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid A1 Maktoum.

"The Palm, Jebel Ali is being positioned as a major destination a place of discovery, fun and excitement," explained Sultan Ahmed bin Sulayem, chairman of The Palm.

"We have designed several new elements for this second island and hence it will be 50 per cent larger than The Palm, Jumeirah."

"With the addition of Water Homes, four more marinas and a Sea Village boasting the Middle East's first sea aquarium, it is set to become a major tourist attraction. Luxury hotels, apartments and villas with sea views will ensure it becomes a desired place to reside, whether you are a full-time resident or part-time holiday maker," Sulayem said.

Similar to The Palm, Jumeirah, this second island will also be based around the shape of a palm tree with a trunk, 17 fronds and crescent forming the breakwater.

The fundamental changes and additions to the concept design include Water Homes, which will form a 12 km chain between the fronds and the crescent; the extension of the crescent's size to 15.5 km with a break at the top for boats to enter, the modification to the ends of the crescent to include 'fingers', where the luxury apartment blocks will be located.

Two smaller 'pocket islands' just off each end of the Crescent will host shopping facilities for residents' daily needs.

Located about 22 km and 17 minutes by boat from The Palm, Jumeirah, it is proposed that this second island will have a dedicated intersection leading to it from Sheikh Zayed Road, which is currently under review with Dubai Municipality.