Malaysia promotes health tourism


Malaysia's abundance with state-of-the-art medical facilities plus competitive medical fees are some of the vital factors that make it a popular destination among health tourists.

Medical charges and hospitalisation charges in the country are very competitive compared to those in many countries or even close neighbours such as Singapore and Australia.

A normal cardiac bypass surgery (CABG) for example, would cost between $6,000

and $7,000. The favourable exchange rate contributes further to make Malaysia an affordable destination.

Malaysia's medical expertise is ranked among the world's best and most of the private medical centres have achieved certification for internationally recognised quality standards.

Most private medical centres in Malaysia offer comfortable accommodation ranging from suites to private rooms for single occupancy or more. Room charges, inclusive of meals, vary between medical centres, but remain at an attractive level. Some medical centres even provide highly qualified and trained private nurses and personal butlers at reasonable cost.

In terms of patients' entry facilities, the Malaysian government has introduced the Fast Track Clearance at immigration counters, provided the relevant hospital informs either at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport or the immigration authorities preferably three days prior to arrival.