Cecta promotes Central Europe collectively

Cecta chairman Terry Coates... educating Middle Eastern travellers.

Realising the importance of promoting all the destinations in Central Europe collectively, the Central European Countries Travel Association (Cecta) is bringing together the interests of Austria, the Czech Republic, Germany, Holland, Poland and Slovakia in a bid to boost tourism from the Middle East.

The region, which is rich in heritage and culture, spas, food, music, festivals, mountains and lakes, outdoor pursuits and winter wonderlands, is a relatively undiscovered travel destination.

Hence, Cecta working for the interest of Central Europe is currently concentrating on promoting the Central European spa destinations in its bid to attract the well-travelled Middle East Arab.

"We are targeting the new traveller who demands easier access, increased security and safety and adventure. Hence the Middle Eastern traveller needs to be informed and educated about what Cecta has to offer," pointed out Terry Coates, the Chairman of Cecta.

"Central Europe has lovely spas and we have seen an increasing number of visitors from the Middle East coming here for specific treatments as the water has medicinal values. Unlike spas in the Middle East, which are very sophisticated and luxurious but are not treatment specific, the spas here are very clinical as they are specifically meant to cure various ailments."

In its bid to promote the region, Cecta is carefully looking into the needs of the Middle Eastern tourists and trying to meet their specific requirements. "We are doing everything possible to pamper Middle Eastern tourists, who used to luxury, and make their stay comfortable," added Coates.

The Central European region is easily accessible by air.

And the good news is that tourists from a number of countries do not need visa to visit Central Europe.