Ramada to concentrate on food and beverage


TTN talks to Hans-Joachim Radek, general manager for Ramada Bahrain

Q. Do meets like the ATM bring about the results that are expected?

A. For the last few years ATM has helped bringing a new player to the Middle East market with a strategy of promoting the region as a leisure destination, which will, ultimately pay dividends, particularly when the present crises is over and this region can be perceived as having greater stability. Despite the fact that the war in Iraq has had detrimental effect on the ATM event, I am tremendously optimistic that this year's event will have a beneficial effect.

Q. How do these meets help the hotel industry in particular, and the overall travel industry in general?

A. This particular event has its strategic and marketing plan designed for the Travel & Hotel industry as a platform of cross-promotional opportunities, which bring about lasting benefits over the long run in both parties.

Q. What have been the latest developments in Ramada Bahrain?

A. Ramada Bahrain has an ongoing, continuous development particularly in the area of food and beverage, Environment awareness and local national staff recruitment, having received awards both from local organisations and Ramada International Hotels & Resorts. The most recent development is the recruitment of Ralph Edward Nuttal as executive chef as well as Food and Beverage executive in-charge to arrive soon.

Face-lifts have been completed in all rooms with a 'new look' reception hall. The Le Rendezvous lounge was upgraded reflecting more variety for the regular clientele.

Q. Do you think that Bahrain needs more top-end hotels?

Q. The government is very focused on the development of service and tourist infrastructure on the Island intended to attract certain tourist segments.