Al Aqah tests 'butler' service

Dial 1 for service, at Le Meridien Al Aqah.

Le Meridien Al Aqah Beach Resort is testing a new electronic 'butler' service before it is rolled out across Le Meridien hotels worldwide.

Hotel manager Patrick Antaki says the Dial One for Service means guests need only dial one number. This call is redirected by the telephone operator to the relevant department - and then followed up to ensure that action has been taken.

"Instead of remembering different numbers for laundry, housekeeping and so on, guest need only dial the one number - and then they will always speak to the same telephone operator who has the responsibility of ensuring their requirements are met speedily and with courtesy," said Antaki.

The east coast resort in the UAE has also employed graduates from the local technical college to assist with Arabic language telephone services.

"By introducing nationals from the college in these positions, we can assist our Arabic guests and also provide an opportunity for these girls to gain practical experience in the hospitality sector as part of their training."

Antaki said the Guest Service Centre would stay in touch with all guests. "All guests are called on arrival, departure and daily during their stay to ensure maximum satisfaction, as well as provide a forum for guest comments."

Since it opened in December last year, the Al Aqah resort is full during weekends and holiday periods.

A joint venture between Emirates airline and Hotel & Resort Investment Company, the hotel is located on a two-kilometre sandy beach facing the Indian Ocean.