2003: A space odyssey


Tourism industry professionals throughout the Middle East are being given an opportunity to explore the next travel frontier through a seminar on space tourism scheduled for Arabian Travel Market 2003, which will be held in Dubai in May.

The seminar will be conducted by Eric Anderson, the President and CEO of Space Adventures Ltd., the US company which offers a range of space-related packages including terrestrial training and the chance to book a seat on the first private spacecraft flight expected to take place within the next few years.

"This is a major coup for the Arabian Travel Market seminar programme," said Matt Thompson. "Space Adventures is the world's leading space tourism company offering a wide range of space experiences, from zero-gravity and 'Edge of Space' flights to cosmonaut training and space flight qualification programmes to actual flights in space.

"The seminar will explain what space tourism is, the market demand and type of client it attracts. It will explore the near-term future of space tourism, such as sub-orbital space flights and outline space tourism opportunities."