Ocean rafter adds new aspect to Danat wares

Danat Dubai's new ocean rafter..

Danat Dubai Cruises, among the Gulf region's premier operator of luxurious cruising vessels, is expanding its operations in a million-dirham expansion that includes the addition of a new vessel - an ocean rafter that seats 31 and can cruise at speeds of 40 knots.

The ocean rafter, which has been built in New Zealand, will broaden the maritime experience for Danat Dubai customers with an ability to explore remote areas along the UAE coastline stretching right from the Creek through to Musandam in Oman.

"The ocean rafter is an exciting addition to our fleet and provides yet another alternative for adventure-seekers who want to experience and witness this beautiful part of the world from the sea," said Chris Anns, General Manager, Danat Dubai Cruises.

"We'll be able to take advantage of all the strategically placed marinas along the coastline and use them as stepping stones to all the wonderful places we can explore.

"Alternatively, the vessel can be used as an unusual 'transfer' vehicle for people arriving in Dubai. Hotel guests could be collected from the airport and brought straight to the Creek where they can then cruise along the coast to their hotel!" he added.

The ocean rafter joins the company's flagship vessel, the MV Danat.