Dusit making waves with Thai hospitality

The Dusit Dubai.

Dusit Dubai has rapidly gained an excellent reputation as the first Asian and indeed the first Thai hotel in the Middle East, thanks to Thai staff recruited since its inception directly from Thailand, said a hotel spokesman.

In the process, the hotel's Thai staff and employees have had to acclimatise themselves as well to their new working and living environment. In a recent interview they were asked about their experiences in Dubai and what it's been like working in a foreign country.

Narongkorn Moolnark, a public area attendant who is responsible for the cleanliness of the hotel said "I wanted a new experience and also thought of trying to expand my knowledge. My first impression of Dubai is that of a very forward- thinking city with up-to-date technology."

Asked why they believe that Dusit Dubai has been so well received in Dubai the overwhelming response was that guests love the traditional Thai service. "When we smile it comes from our hearts - a genuinely felt service smile," said Ms. Preeyapom Prasatpom, a Business Centre Agent who has daily contact with the business travellers to the hotel.