Achtung baby!

Germany is setting the trend for European tourism.

By focusing its marketing activities, the German National Tourist Board (GNTB) has become the trendsetter for tourism in Germany. Its initiatives and activities are based on four main trends of the future and are aimed at market-specific target groups.

Cultural tourism is one of the main incentives for travellers to Germany and is associated with visiting places of historical interest, experiencing the historical and modern aspects of Germany, and getting to know Germany's regions. The focus on cultural theme years is also appealing to new target groups.

This is complemented by the trend for holidays based on events and attractions. Two and a half million events take place every year at 220 theme and amusement parks, 4,274 museums, 8,766 exhibitions and 10,000 public festivals.

Experiencing nature and countryside combined with health and fitness tourism is another growing trend. Holidays in unspoilt countryside with a combination of relaxation and activities make Germany the ideal place to get away from it all with its 13 national parks, 13 biosphere reserves, approximately 90 nature reserves, 40,000 kilometres of cycling trails, and 330 health and spa resorts, and 612 golf courses.

A fourth trend is becoming more and more important: Germany as a destination for trade fair travel, conferences and seminars. 10n.729 conference venues, various of them situated in extraordinary locations like country estates or monasteries offer an optimal infrastructure and are turning Germany into destination No. 1 for trade fair travel world-wide.

This year the "Germany - Routes to Success; Trade Fairs, Congresses, Conferences and More" theme will secure Germany's market position as an international venue for trade fairs, conferences and congresses, complemented by the second theme "Enchanting Towns in Germany - Feel the Romance".

In 2004, the GNTB's marketing activities will focus on "The Fascination of Water - the Sea, Rivers and Lakes in Germany" and "Music-Land Germany", followed in 2005 by "Family Holidays in Germany" and "Vibrant Towns and Cities". In 2006, the main themes will be the Football World Cup and "Mozart in Germany".

The GNTB's domestic marketing activities are based on three main approaches: theme-based campaigns such as "Germany - Experience More" present new holiday themes for Germany as part of emotion-based advertising campaigns and provide information on sales methods; cooperation agreements with nationwide media and partners in industry create new communication channels; and sales promotion campaigns for the travel industry encourage new target groups to book holidays in Germany through travel agents.

As a central information platform for Germany, the GNTB website offers a variety of products to customers in a creative, topical and modern way. Internet users can embark on a virtual tour through the whole of Germany on 1,800 web pages at, where they can find information, inspiration and attractive links to help them plan their real holiday in Germany.