Sri Lanka becoming new attraction for Omanis looking for a change


"Sri Lanka has become a choice destination for Omanis, specially those travelling with their families," says Hussain Jayah, country manager of SriLankan Airlines, Oman.

With the current peace process progressing well, Sri Lanka has once again become a favourite holiday destination not only to the traditional holiday makers from Europe and the Far East but to Middle Eastern travellers as well.

The diversity you will discover will leave you dazzled. Endless golden beaches blessed with sultry tropical sun, cool and eminently agreeable hill stations, romantic ancient cities, alluring gems and fascinating wildlife. Hotels too are of high quality standards.

The array of the different variety of food is amazing.

Sri Lanka is famous for its seafood. Some hotels have even come up with a unique idea of enlisting Arabic speaking maids who have had experience in the Middle East countries, to be made available to Arabic speaking families to tend to their needs.

"A promotional campaign on package tours to Sri Lanka conducted last year by SriLankan Airlines attracted more than 500 Omanies with their families, within a space of only 3 months," says a jubilant Jayah.

The annual SriLankan Airlines Golf tournament too was a success with Oman fielding the highest contingent of golfers. "Our holiday in Sri Lanka was such a wonderful experience," a press release quoted Abdullah Masod Mohammed Al Harthy who travelled last year with his family as saying: "We sure would want to visit again."