ITE enjoys rave reviews from regional players


ITE HK 2002 was a tremendous hit with the representatives of the industry who came from over 50 countries and regions.

The exhibition was such a success that according to an exhibitors survey it was revealed that over 80 per cent of the exhibitors were highly satisfied or satisfied with the show, and that 97 per cent of the exhibitors were to return.

Most of those have already reserved their booths with Adsale for the coming ITE HK 2003.

Conney Su, the Deputy Director of Taiwan Visitors Association confirmed Adsale that ITE HK has been the most helpful means for them to meet their buyers and reach the public. She indicated that Hong Kong has emerged as the most important market for Taiwan, and it will make them to take continuous efforts to attract Hong Kong visitors.

She agreed that the event has helped to stimulate more Hong Kong visitors to Taiwan in this summer. Su also said that she was most impressed by the advertising campaigns launched by the organiser.

It has successfully drawn massive public visitors to the show.

The Manager of Korea National Tourism Organization, Lee Young Geun indicated that they have joined ITE HK for years. ITE HK, as the premier travel show in the region, enables them to meet the trade and the public at the same time.

In fact, ITE HK is so popular in the eyes of trade and the public. It does help him to reach his target segments.

Their theme this year - Dynamic side of Koreaí (skiing activities, World Cup souvenirs and the new shopping attractions and the sports grounds) attracted crowds of visitors to their booth.

He expressed his appreciation of the massive and extensive publicity campaign organised by Adsale.