Jordan is top year-round destination for Bahrainis


Jordan is one of the top year-round destinations for Bahrainis, many of whom treat it as a home away from home.

"It is a favourite family vacation destination because it offers practically everything," said Jordan Tourism Board (JTB) public relations co-ordinator Lana Hamarneh.

"We have mountains, canyons, deserts, streams, lakes, the ocean, and even forests."

Bahrain accounts for the second largest number of visitors from the Gulf, behind Saudi Arabia, according to statistics provided by the JTB.

A record 56,884 Bahrainis visited Jordan in 2001, compared to 37,874 in 2000.

The figure does not include expatriate visitors from Bahrain.

"Jordan is an inexpensive holiday destination.

The Jordanians have many common interests with their Bahraini cousins and similar attitudes and cultural traditions in hospitality," said Ms Hamarneh.

Many Arabs, particularly Bahrainis travel to Jordan for medical treatment, she said.

More Bahraini students are also choosing Jordan to pursue a range of educational opportunities, everything from intensive language courses to high school and university degree programmes.

But for the holidaymaker, Jordan is a destination full of mystery, tradition and history.