An exclusive spa for kings and queens


Elisir Spa is an exclusive Egyptian Beauty Farm, immersed in the surroundings of one of the purest and unspoilt part of the entire Sheikh Coast. The Spa is equipped with a thermal centre, gym and health and beauty area. The beauty and well being programmes come in four package, according to a spa official.


Firming anti-cellulite treatments

According to spa officials, Cleopatra was the first woman in the world's history to care for her beauty. Elisir offers serious aesthetic treatments targeted at increasing circulation, draining excess liquids, acting directly on cellulite and fatty deposits and re-firming relaxed tissue.


Refreshing, moisturizing treatments

The treatment at Elisir Beauty Farm oasis uses a combination of cooling, moisturizing substances of marine and plant origin to restore one's skin.


Wellness and relaxation

Elisir Beauty Farm has designed a series of wellness and relaxation treatments drawing an the magical powers of essential oils and other aromatherapeutic active ingredients from the natural world.


Tonifying/Energizing treatments

Elisir has chosen the strongest, most energising active ingredients from the plant kingdom to tonify and energize tired skin and "put the body back together again".