Wagle's 'vision' bolsters


Taj Kiran Wagle, is the new director of sales and marketing for the Taj Palace Hotel, Dubai.

"My vision for the Taj Palace Hotel in Dubai is to see it at the top of the list of 5-star deluxe hotels in Deira, and amongst the top in Dubai. We are competing in this market with international hotels specifically in the Deira area and also in Dubai," says Wagle.

"The very first step in our plan is to ensure maximum exposure to our existing services and facilities at the Taj Palace Hotel Dubai. Also we are looking at penetrative coverage of the market to yield results. We shall give this market a good taste of the Taj Group's brand of hospitality and this would pave the way for the future," explains Wagle who has his sights set firmly on the room at the top in the category of luxury hotels.

Wagle is keen on looking at expansion plans for the Taj brand to grow in the region from a single property to a chain of hotels in the near future.

Wagle was previously with the Sales Office of the Taj in Bombay, India for over 20 years. He has been working with the Taj Group since 1982 and has contributed to developing business at the Unit and Regional levels. Before moving to Dubai, he was with the corporate office in Mumbai.