Saudi airline launches special packages for Umrah pilgrims


Saudi Arabian Airlines (SAA) has introduced a range of Umrah programmes designed to meet the needs of religious travellers.

The airline says it has launched the programme in line with the recently introduced changes to Umrah laws, which allow the performance of Umrah virtually all year round.

"We understand that Umrah is more than an ordinary life experience, and we understand that pilgrims want to make the most of it," said Abdulaziz Shaheen, senior manager - tours programs.

"That's why we have put together a comprehensive series of Umrah options which individual pilgrims can customise to suit their needs."

The airline said its Umrah packages were highlighted at the Mediterranean Travel Fair held in Cairo.

The airline said it leases extra aircraft so that scheduled flights are not affected by the increased Umrah traffic.

"Before taking-off to our destination, we share with passengers a recitation of the travel supplication which was offered by Prophet Mohammad whenever he embarked on a new journey," said Shaheen.

"Our new aircraft have been designed with ample space for a prayer area and special compasses installed to show the direction of the Kiblah. Dedicated audio and video channels present recitations of the Holy Quran and a variety of religious programmes.

"On nearing the Holy City of Makkah, the Mikat announcement alerts passengers to put on their lhram and declare their intent to perform Umrah."