SAA says new Golden Service proves success


Saudi Arabia's national carrier says its recently launched "Golden Service" is proving to be an outstanding success.

The Golden Service concept focuses on providing unprecedented standards of customer care, is one of several new initiatives recently introduced by Saudi Arabian Airlines (SAA) to provide improved customer care and reaffirm its commitment to passenger satisfaction, the airline said.

"Golden Service creates a better travel experience for all passengers in the form of new and improved facilities at every stage from reservations to check-in, general ground amenities such as lounges, onboard services and facilities, and menus and meals," said the airline.

The concept was introduced on selected routes at the end of March. It is operational on routes between the kingdom and London, Paris, Frankfurt, Rome, Geneva, New York, Washington and Dubai. Golden Service will be extended to include Kuala Lumpur next month.

"At pre-flight level, new standards of check-in service have been implemented and all passengers are granted an extra 10kg baggage allowance - now 30kg in guest class, 40 kg in business, and 50 kg in first," said the airline.

"Specially-created Golden Lounges for first and business class passengers are operational in Jeddah, Riyadh and Dammam, fully equipped with new hi-tech business centres offering the latest communications facilities, refreshments and snacks, and a wide range of reading materials.

"In-flight, Golden Service extends to "Golden Entertainment" - introducing a new variety of in-flight entertainment, with 24 video channels covering religious programmes, Arabic and international movies, pop videos, documentaries, children's programmes, flight progress and external views.

"Arabic coffee and dates are served to all passengers on boardingand the airline has also taken the conventional 'meals on demand' concept to a new level by enabling first-class passengers to pick their own meals."