Sharjah eyes revamp of hotel classification


Sharjah’s tourism and hospitality sector is on the verge of a crucial transition and the Sharjah Commerce and Tourism Development Authority (SCTDA) is keen to put together a new hotel classification criteria.

SCTDA chairman, Mohamed Ali Al Noman said that the new hotel classification process is aimed at upgrading and improving quality standards of the hospitality sector in the emirate and bolster growth.

'The proposed norms are aimed at improving the experience of the growing number of international visitors to Sharjah, offering the consumers better quality services and greater number of choices. They will help create new investment opportunities and attract new tourism market segments,' said Al Noman.

'Providing better quality services and facilities to tourists will in turn enhance the standard of the tourism sector and boost the tourist flow to the emirate,' Al Noman said adding that the new classification norms are in tune with the latest trends and developments in global tourism markets and the requirements of the domestic market of the emirate.

'The hotel industry plays a crucial role in the development of tourism sector. This is why we have been sparing no effort to support and involve this critical sector in our strategy – from organising meetings and participating in local and international exhibitions to training and organising field trips and sites visits for the hotel industry representatives,' said Al Noman.

The number of hotel establishments in Sharjah stands at 102, which includes 47 hotels and 55 hotel apartments. The number of hotel rooms in the emirate now stands at 9,178 rooms that include 5,191 hotel rooms and 3,987 serviced hotel apartments. Over the past few years, Sharjah’s hospitality sector has been witnessing a steady growth in hotel occupancy and number of international visitor’s year on year, directly contributing to the emirate’s economy.