Bahrain tourism to draw more investors


Tourism in Bahrain will enjoy substantial additional private investment as a result of the support for the National Action Charter as well as the nation's historic verdict on its jurisdiction over the Hawar Islands confirmed at the International Court of Justice in The Hague.

This is clearly spelled out by Dr Kadhem Rajab, Bahrain's Assistant Under-Secretary for Tourism, who stresses that Bahrain has a lot more than tourist destinations with just sunshine and shopping to offer.

Following directives from HH the Amir Shaikh Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, Bahrain has plans to step up the drive to promote culture.

The 10-day Ninth Heritage Festival, which this year highlighted Traditional Bahraini Cuisine, has just successfully been held in the grounds of Bahrain Museum.

Commenting on cultural attractions, Rajab says: "This type of tourism is unique to Bahrain and affords it distinguished status as a rare destination.

"There is a real wealth of Arab culture for international visitors to witness and enjoy first hand, and of course regional travellers feel very much at home in the traditionally safe environment Bahrain offers."

Rajab also points out that Bahrain is developing the tourism services including building information centres, exhibitions halls, souvenir shops, cafes and toilets at the Saar excavation site and Bahrain Fort.

"Others will then follow," he says. "In the last few years the national tourist infrastructure has been strengthened with the development of the main archaeological sites, forts and other things of historic interest."

But he also stresses that Bahrain, as well as its rich historic culture, is "good for shopping and many other attractions".