Bexair opens terminal at Bahrain airport


The new Bexair Terminal has opened at the Bahrain International Airport.

Bexair, or the Bahrain Executive Air Services Company, is the first corporate executive jet services in the Gulf.

A spokesman for the company said there had been overwhelming response to the company's announcement of the services with several companies booking services in advance. Bexair expects to begin flights by mid-January next year.

"We have received immense interest, especially at the recent Dubai Air Show and are confident that the months ahead will see Bexair building on this interest despite the tensions in the aviation industry worldwide," he said.

The Bexair venture is seen as the result of Bahrain's liberalisation of its aviation sector and an open-skies policy.

The VIP Terminal, which was built by Chariolos Apostolides, is a first step and accounts for a fraction of the $85 million which will be spent to launch Bexair, which can also double as an air ambulance service in the GCC.

The Bexair terminal facilities will include VIP lounges, meeting rooms and other FBO facilities as well as customs, security and immigration clearance.