All wired up for the millennium

The Regency Inter-Continental in Bahrain offers a hi-tech lifestyle for today's traveller
The Regency Inter-Con: millennium lifestyle

Luxury in the millennium is getting away from it all and being pampered in an extravagant environment while at the same time never being out of touch with the world, says the Regency Inter-Continental Bahrain.

And for this kind of millennium lifestyle of luxury, guests only need to look as far as the Regency Inter-Continental Bahrain, according to the hotel.

"Imagine this: while basking on a massage table, your cell phone rings. A call has come through the hotel's telephone system to your room. When no one answers, the system tells the caller to press a key to be forwarded to your cell phone. The system asks for the caller's name, records it, and then rings you. The system plays you the recorded name, and you contemplate whether or not to take the call," says general manager Robert Zogbi.

He continues: 'The forwarding system - an added feature of a voicemail system from the Meridien telephone system - was installed two years ago as a preliminary luxury upgrade for the millennium businessmen.

'Guests also need a variety of telecommunications features. They now need not just any line, but a dedicated, high-speed link to the Internet, because access to email and the Internet is essential for today's business clientele. Data ports and in-room fax/printers, bright, direct lighting, an adjustable chair and personalised stationeries are added amenities in all the Summit Executive Floors and new Regency Plus rooms and suites."


At the Summit Floors, staff are available to assist guests with arrangements ranging from dinner reservations to hotel and flight reconfirmations, city tours to speedy private check-in and check-out. A butler service also ensures rapid response to guest calls.

Complimentary continental breakfast is served daily from 7 am to 10 am, evening cocktails and canapes from 6 pm to 8 pm and coffee/tea from 7 am to 10 pm, in the Summit Lounge.

The lounge also features a complimentary boardroom seating up to 12 persons, complete with hi-tech audio-visual equipment.

"We are in a completely automated world, and with every day that passes, the technological wizardry around us becomes more awesome. From the necessary to the frivolous, in-room amenities span the gamut. But as new amenities are tried and tested, the once-frivolous amenity quickly becomes the standard. Video games, CD/DVD players, are new in-room entertainment amenities," Zogbi explains.

Future plans to upgrade room amenities are under way. An inter-active TV system, an-all-in-one system, where guests can watch regular TV shows or video, listen to the radio, get connected to the internet, read the newspaper, play games, send email and faxes are just some of the new one-touch millennium features soon to enhance guestrooms at the Regency.

"Regardless of whether the origin is a human intervention or some electronic facility, the goal is to make a guest's stay more pleasant and productive and it takes more than technology to create guest satisfaction. As people become increasingly concerned about the external environment and their body's own internal well-being, the Regency Inter-Continental Bahrain has new amenities that are friendly to the earth, body, and soul," according to Zogbi.

"Not only have we focused on providing in-room amenities designed to help guests conduct business more efficiently, the most innovative amenities are those designed to help businessmen relax," he says. "Guests can now exfoliate their skin and detoxify their bodies with loofah mitts and mineral bath salts in the amenity basket. Packets of stress-relief bath salts to ease tense muscles, calm the nerves, and revive the spirits are also available."

Healthy new additions to the mini-bar and in-room beverage service are also in vogue. Alongside coffee and tea, the mini-bar also has chamomile and herbal infusion tea, juices, bottled mineral water and energy bars.

"While some of these products may seem frivolous, more and mere people are incorporating these stress-reducing elements into their day. Therefore, in order for the Regency Inter-Continental Bahrain to keep its commitment to being a home away from home, new technology has been added and a more holistic look at in-room amenities are provided for the health-conscious business traveler," he says.