Traffic at 548 airports climbs 5.8pc


A total of 2.24 billion passengers used 548 airports worldwide in 2000, a report said.

Overall, there was a 5.8 per cent growth in passenger traffic, said Mohammed Al Khader, director-general of Ras Al Khaimah International Airport.

Al Khader, who is a member of the Economic Committee of the International Airports Association, was quoting the Fifth Economic Report for 2000.

He said the report showed the size of the airport industry worldwide was $41 billion in 2000, while the 548 airports registered with the association accounted for $13 billion, or 32.4 per cent.

The net profits of airports in the association soared to $840 million in 2000 from only $180 million in 1998, the report said.

European airports were the biggest investors in passenger services by spending $12.2 for each passenger, whereas airports in the Middle East invested only $5.85 for each passenger.