Taj launches bookers club


The Taj Palace Hotel in Dubai has launched a Kings and Queens Bookers Club, a guild for corporate executives who frequently make reservations for important clients at the hotel.

"The move is a gesture of appreciation for our valued bookers. It is an acknowledgement of their support and confidence in our hospitality and services," the hotel's new general manager, Yannick Poupon, said.

Nearly 250 people attended the launch.

"With the institution of Kings and Queens Bookers Club, corporate bookers will be able to avail special concessions to the various services and facilities at the hotel," Poupon said.

"In addition to winning complimentary meals and stays, members could also avail facilities at the hotel's health club and other outlets.

"The institution of the Kings and Queens Bookers Club reciprocates the faith and goodwill of corporate bookers who have helped us serve our valued clients.

"The club will continue to hold special events, promotions and contests for its members in order to promote this special relationship and also to attract prospective bookers to the hotel."