Wataniya Airways leases another new A320


Kuwait’s new premium airline Wataniya Airways has signed a new leasing agreement for a new A320 aircraft that will come into service in May 2009.

“This strengthening of the Wataniya Airways fleet is a clear commitment by the airline to increase the scope of our services and improve and enhance the number of flights we can offer to a growing number of regional destinations,” said Wataniya Airways CMD Abdul Salam Al Bahar.

“Our efforts are geared towards making Wataniya Airways the airline of choice for the discerning Kuwaiti traveller.”

The eight year lease agreement was signed with the International Lease Finance Corporation (ILFC), one of the world’s largest aircraft leasing and financing companies.

As with the first three A320 aircraft that Wataniya Airways have commissioned, the new planes will be configured with the lowest seat density of any A320 used on scheduled routes in the world.

Each aircraft will feature 122 seats, compared with the 145 that a number of leading European airlines use on their A320s, ensuring excellent leg room and comfort throughout its first class and premium economy seats.

“This is an important step in our long term intention to steadily build the size of our fleet and enable us to expand and extend our route network. This delivery will now mean that we will have three aircraft available for the key summer peak of demand next year,” said George Cooper, Wataniya Airways CEO.

Wataniya Airways will commence services from January 2009.