Utell launches mobile hotel reservation service


Utell, the representation business that enables hotels to compete worldwide, has launched a mobile customer service and reservation tool to provide hoteliers with a means to reach potential customers on the move.
Users visit Utell’s microsite on their mobile device, specially designed by Mobile Travel Technologies Ltd, to view hotel information, images and rates. The simplified reservation process offers real-time booking and provides a secure environment for the transfer of credit card and personal information to complete customer reservations. Utell ensures hotels are highly ranked on mobile search pages through a range of SEO activities.
Utell is encouraging its partner hotels to adopt the technology to maximise sales opportunities in the UK, Europe and farther afield. Diana Banks, senior vice president, sales and marketing, Utell, said: “Mobile technology makes booking a hotel on the move swift and safe. There is huge potential in Europe and in developing markets for mobile products to provide hoteliers with a direct link to their potential guests.