Golden Triangle hotel one of world’s most responsible


Anantara Golden Triangle Resort & Spa has been selected as one of the most socially responsible hotels in the world. Only 10 hotels were hand picked for inclusion in the list which honours environmental endeavours and guest experiences that Forbes Traveler describes as “milestones of hotel sponsored humanitarian aid”.
The resort in northern Thailand has continued to make every effort to protect the environment and promote conservation. The resort’s elephant camp is home to 16 adult and 13 baby elephants– all rescued animals. John Roberts the Elephant Camp Director, works with the Thai government’s Elephant Conservation Centre in Lampang (located 600km north of the Thai capital Bangkok) to develop Anantara’s camp as an elephant sanctuary.
The elephant population in Thailand has dwindled to just over 4,000, of which 2,500 are domesticated and about1,500 roam freely. Overall numbers are further decreasing, making projects like Anantara’s Elephant Camp vital to the success of national conservation efforts.
With legislation in place to ban elephants from ‘working’ in cities, there are few alternatives for the continued existence of domesticated elephants. Anantara’s Elephant Camp came about as an alternative offering to the mahouts, their families and elephants.
Guests at Anantara Golden Triangle can learn to ‘drive’ an elephant by taking a three day mahout training course. As well as learning the mahout commands and some log rolling skills, guests can take their pachyderm for a bath and partake in mahout camp life.
The funds raised from running the Mahout training courses along with guest donations are valuable in ensuring the continued existence of the Anantara Elephant Camp.