Tensator’s crowd control technology launched in Dubai

Dubai Airport

Queue management and airport specialist, Tensator, unveiled a brand new eQ call forward media system at the Dubai Airport Show 2008 held in June.
This system is, according to the company, expected to open up a wealth of technological possibilities within the airport industry, helping to reduce waiting times, increase staff efficiency and generate extra revenue.
Renowned for inventing the Tensabarrier, the world's first retractable post, Tensator supplies the airport industry globally, including Sharjah International Airport and the new Heathrow Terminal 5.
Tensator's eQ call forward media system operates on a first come first served single line configuration with a range of barriers to manage the waiting passengers from the queue to the check in desk.
Customers are called forward to each position by the press of a calling button from behind the desk, making the queuing process quicker and reducing the overall waiting time.
Marketing messages or passenger information can also be projected on linked digital screens to entertain waiting customers.
Tensator has over 50 years’ experience in solving queue problems by producing solutions and bespoke concepts for its clients, which directly help to increase effectiveness within airport terminals.
Abdel Aziz Rahal, Tensator FZE’s general manager, said at the Dubai Airport Show, “At Tensator, we believe in offering the airport industry and authorities innovative solutions that will open up a wealth of possibilities and help move the passenger experience to a new level. Our expertise has traditionally been focused on queue management, but we identified the need for a portfolio of technological products that not only managed queues more effectively, but also helped maximise staff efficiency and generate additional revenues.”