New technology could save money and green Dubai airport


CAVOTEC will use the Dubai Airport Show to launch its new air conditioning technology.

Developed in the UAE, this could save international airports at least $57 million a year, and airlines $31 million annually, by using electricity instead of fuel to cool aircrafts on the ground, according to Cavotec.
The estimates are based on the 130,000 planes landing at Dubai Airport terminals every year which, while on the ground, have to be cooled at a cost of $400 per hour using traditional kerosenepowered APUs auxiliary power units.
UAE based ground support systems specialist Cavotec believes its new environmentally friendly air conditioning system PCA, or pre-compressed air, can help revolutionise the regional aviation industry by producing huge savings on fuel and reducing air and noise pollution at airports.
The PCA system is specifically designed to handle the extreme heat in the Middle East and will be the only technology capable of cooling the new Airbus A380.
The system cools planes through reversed compression and uses 400kw of electricity per hour compared with APUs, which use 600 litres of fuel per hour, equal to 6000kwh of power.

Dubai on world stage again
THE Airport Show opens at the Airport Expo Dubai from June 2 to 4, with a record line up of more than 600 suppliers from 40 countries. More than 6,000 visitors are expected to attend the show, marking a growth of 12 per cent this year in line with the ongoing aviation boom across the Middle East, South Asia and Africa.
Manufacturers and suppliers heading for Dubai from around the world have major incentives, according to research conducted by the show’s organisers, Streamline Marketing Group, which stated that airport projects and expansions across the region are currently valued at more than $68 billion. Gulf countries accounted for $43 billion of this growth.
The Airport Show is held under the patronage of HH Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, president of the Dubai Civil Aviation Authority and chairman, Dubai Airports. The show has become a well established forum for the selection and pre-qualification of suppliers and contractors for airport developments across the region and this year more than 100 civil aviation authorities and airports will be represented.
This year’s show features four specialist conferences, ‘Future Airports, ‘Air Traffic Control Middle East’, ‘Aviation Security Middle East’ and ‘Ground Handling Middle East’, giving aviation officials the chance to discuss and debate pertinent issues affecting the aviation sector such as increasing air traffic and the requirements of future airports.