Kurban Tours positive about travel market


Kurban Tours, part of the Kurban group, was among the participants at the Oman Travel Market, which it believes reflects the positive side of the development of the tourism industry, the booming opportunities and potential that the region presents.

Oman's determination to open its doors to tourism as a vital area of diversification is underlined by the successful completion of several resorts and spas and the optimistic response from the private sector in the country. Joining this development is Kurban Tours, the development tourism and travel company part of the Kurban Group, an organisation active in the field of travel, tourism and transportation since 1952.
“Committed to quality, creativity and adaptability in all services, we always offer the best whether it is to motivate a sales team, host a client, brighten the corporate image of a company or launch a new product. No matter what your project is, our team of professionals will stand by you to accomplish your goals,” says Elodie Azar, assistant general manager, Kurban Tours Destination Management Company.
The company has a network of branches spread across the region in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Lebanon and Oman.