Hertz has “best year ever”

Bob Farrow, general manager of Hertz UAE, is expecting the same for 2008.

How has 2007 fared for the company?
2007 was the best year ever for Hertz UAE, with a significant increase in rentals and monthly sales over 2006 results.

What are your plans for 2008? (fleet expansion/more branches)
Hertz regularly expands and modernises its fleet of vehicles. In 2007, Hertz’s fleet size was approximately 6,500 and it is expected to grow to 8,500 vehicles in 2008.
In late 2007, Hertz UAE added several new models to its fleet including the 2008 model Honda Accord, the new Toyota Land Cruisers and the Toyota FJ Cruiser.
The addition of the Toyota FJ Cruiser in 2007 has been a runaway success, an absolute sell out and always in high demand. The 2008 Honda Accord and the Toyota Land Cruiser are very popular and the introduction of these models contributed to increased rentals and monthly sales. The 2008 Corolla has had a good impact in that sector and its popularity continues to rise. Amongst the smaller cars the Toyota Yaris is well liked.
Hertz plans to introduce the new HONDA MRV, the new Jeep Cherokee and the Honda City in to the fleet in 2008.
Hertz currently operates 13 branches across the UAE. This year, the company plans to open branches at key locations including Dubai Marina, Dubai Festival City, Sheikh Zayed Road and the new Terminal 3 at Dubai International Airport, in addition to a planned branch at Dubai Investment Park.

Do you have plans to enter into new markets?
Hertz is currently reviewing a number of business opportunities within the UAE and in other geographical areas.

What can customers look forward to in the New Year?
The company is considering the installation of navigation systems and DVD players in the fleet.
Regarding customer service – Hertz has recently upgraded its technology to enhance this including introducing hand held technology to expedite processes for pre-checking, for marking damages, for delivery and the collection of vehicles.
We will use SMS updates to notify customers for overdue payments and traffic violations.
Hertz has introduced a brand new lounge area for new leasing customers. The customer is met by the account manager before receiving the car keys. The lounge is fully equipped with hot or cold beverages, chocolates and biscuits, magazines, newspapers and showtime entertainment on Hertz’s PLASMA screen.

What will be the biggest challenges facing the industry in the Middle East in 2008?
Hertz does not anticipate any major change in trends in the rental market in 2008. The tourism industry drives parts of the Hertz business and we will meet the demands of any growth in this area.
Overall, business growth has been significant in 2007 and will continue to rise in 2008.